Hands up who is need of 90 minutes of heavenly self care.
Join us for a reiki infused Sound Bath With me Amy at Sacred Sounds & Jess at Akshaya Room.
Expect a night of sound meditation, vibration and energy healing to nourish your body and soul.
When and where?
Thursday 23rd February
7:30- 9pm
At the Old Girls School, Sherburn in Elmet
What To Expect:
•Welcome herbal tea
•Oracle Cards
. Intention setting
•Guided meditation
•Grounding Sound Bath & reiki using Crystal & tibetan bowls and other instruments
So what is a sound bath?
Sound baths are both a meditative and healing experience. The vibrational tones produced by both the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls alter the brain waves, dropping you into a deep state of relaxation, as well as moving, shifting and re-aligning the energy within and around the body.
During the soundbath we will channel Reiki energy to support your body’s natural ability to rest, repair and regenerate. Reiki is a Japanese healing practice which uses both hands on and hands off techniques to channel life force energy which helps to balance any instability within the body’s energy field. By nature, Reiki can do no harm and is beneficial for a whole host of health complaints including stress and anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure. It can help with pain relief and also promotes a positive mental state.
Some of the benefits include:
•Activates higher states of awareness
•Promotes inner stillness
•Induces deep relaxation
•Relieves anxiety and stress
•Aids in decreasing depression
•Heightens clarity and improves concentration
•Relieves physical pain
Who is This For?
This is for anyone in need of some self-care, relaxation and time for themselves.
**Please note this is not suitable if you are pregnant in your first trimester, are epileptic or if you have any metal implants or cardiac devices in your body**
What you Will Need:
•Comfy clothes, layers for warmth, and snuggly socks, yoga mat & blanket, (spares are available please request if you do not have your own), a cushion for your head, eye mask (optional)
•Any sacred personal items you wish to bring, such as crystals (optional)
•Journal & a pen
•Water bottle for rehydration
Energy Exchange:
As this is the first session there is an introductory offer of £24pp
So if you’re in need of relaxation, or are curious to find out what a sound bath is all about then message to reserve your spot!!
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