This is the final progressive session within the recreational programme. In the level 3 session, our gymnasts have developed their basic gymnastic skills and have a good understanding of body tension and conditioning so they’re able to try new, harder skills. Usually, gymnasts progress from the level 2 session; however, some gymnasts come to our club from other settings and can springboard to this class. The level 3 session is 2 hours which means that gymnasts have a prolonged period in the gym to really develop a skill in each piece of equipment before moving on.

The level 3 sessions are suitable for gymnasts who have had previous experience within gymnastics and who can demonstrate a specific level of ability.

The price of the Level 3 session is £9.00 per session for the first two sessions then £43 per month.

The current Level 3 sessions are:
• Monday – 6.00pm – 8.00pm
• Tuesday – 5.45pm –6.45pm

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