Following fabulous feedback about Badapple Theatre’s performance of The Frozen Roman and The Snow Dancer, we are delighted to host Elephant Rock at the Old Girls’ School Community Centre on 29th April 2022.

From the great age of the steamers and through the heyday of the British seaside resorts the old Palace dance hall stood proudly on the pier front attended by the greatest of all attractions, The Mechanical Elephant. But the relentless tides have chipped away at the coast and the mighty Elephant Rock that gave the headland its name seemingly walked off overnight.

Come and join us for a night of comic capers from a family who are trying to keep the Palace doors on, and open, as they delve into a complicated family history of music hall owners spanning 100 years and 5000 miles to the elephant-filled grasslands of Sri Lanka.

Elephant Rock Promo

Further details of ticket prices and specific times to be announced and will be added to: Elephant Rock 2022 – Badapple Theatre

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